Avocent® ADX IPIQ Network Configuration Tool
Avocent® ADX IPIQ Network Configuration Tool

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NOTE: This tool requires WebUSB, so it works primarily on Chrome and Edge browsers.
  • Disconnect any network cables from the IPIQ (to prevent any possibility of network disruption)
  • Connect the IPIQ USB cable to the computer where you are running the browser and displaying this page
  • Click the Connect button above
  • Select the IPIQ
  • Click Connect
  • The current settings are retrieved from the IPIQ and displayed
  • Change the values as desired
  • Click Save to update the values on the IPIQ
  • Click Disconnect
  • You can now unplug the IPIQ from your computer and install it in the final location (network change takes effect when IPIQ is powered up again)
Notes: Setting Address to will enable DHCP. If Address is not, all other fields must also have valid IP addresses. If DHCP is enabled (Address is, Manager IP address can be In this case, the Gateway address in the DHCP response will be used as the Manager IP address.